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In Bratislava, November 21, 2018

O2 made a milestone in the third season when it was over 2 million users in September. This year's annual revenue has increased by 9.4% to almost 215 million. iour. Their most advanced department is the data income, which grew up by almost 16% anniversary in three quarters. EBITDA increased year-on-year by 16% to 79 million. iour.

"In the third quarter, we exceeded what we expected for 11 years, when users came to O2 in September for two months. During this time, We focus on further strengthening the services that were recorded. One year after we added unlimited calls to the Silver O2 flat rate with a price of 20, we raised five times the data in the two phases higher in September. At the same time, we also agree to build on the 4G LTE network, which is already available to over 95% of people, " Peter Gažík, Chief Executive of O2 Slòcaia, said.

Overview of operational indicators

User rating was up 4.5% to 2.002 million against the comparative season. Most importantly, the number of customers registered with invoice was divided into a consumer basis to almost 62%. The monthly monthly income for each user (ARPU) reached EUR 10.2 at 30 September.

Important pronounced statements Q1-Q3 / 2018 Q1-Q3 / 2017 changed
Finance (million) 214.9 196.4 9.4%
EBITDA (million) 78.8 68 15.9%
Total customers (in thousands) 2002 1916 To%
Share of bill users (in%) 61.8 58.4 3.4 p.b.

Overview of Events in the 3rd Fourth 2018

O2 helped customers in the summer months with 4G settings at stores and reward them for the free data preparation of 5 GB. Together with 4G phone purchases, customers also bought extra gifts from the shop.

Grant program for its Foundation O2 in 2018 he saw his winners in July. This year's financial support of € 128,000 will be awarded among just 18 ambitious projects to bring about positive change. The third year of the Fifth Challenge of the Trust O2 Trust asked for projects that aim to make a good change under the heading "If you want to change something, start with us".

Customers of their Gold Platform and Platinum O2 have been a good start since September. O2 has all data up to five times automatically expanded to current and new users of these smooth rates. All of these are at the cost of the two programs, so the two server's users will have unwanted customers and SMS in the EU after the new one, the number of data 10 resp. 25GB and bonus attractive for the device up to 312 euros. If customers do not use the bonus, they will receive 5 GB of additional data in each program.

The first new iPhones buyers in Slovakia only in O2 can not be purchased, Brand sales for brand fans The differences of iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are in each color at O2. O2 Paušálov users could reduce their prize with a bonus attractive up to 312 euros.

From the end of September, O2 users can use Pay for purchase in the App Store, Apple Music, iTunes or iBooks directly from your mobile account. The service was delivered automatically to business users, with credit pay or account. This form of payment is fast and secure and a credit card is not required.

O2 has achieved another milestone in its 11-year history. Already in the first half of September the mobile operator that exceeded the two tickets was two million users. The O2 O2 user has already been an owner of Flat Flat P2 already reformed.

In the third season O2, change more than the 4G signal, which it is currently A 4G LTE network comprises more than 95% of the population.

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