More than 2,000 users "down the money" will buy VinFast after selling a 1 day open


There is an early summary of the VinFast sales, up to the present day (November 21), just over a day. VinFast gave three modules and the Klara open electric motorcycle sales in Vietnam, over 2000 singles Motor vehicles are registered for purchase.

VinFast has not named the official sales figures. But, as expected, two versions of the VinFast Klara and VinFast Fadil modules are very attractive. The rapid demography of the VinFast sale is today, November 21. After more than a day, VinFast introduced three modules of cars and opened the Klara motorcycle sale in Vietnam. Over 2,000 motors were retained.

On the same day, only 5 hours for the sale of cars and an electric motorcycle, VinFast brought a large number of customers into cars, up to 22h00, when a closed park, Many customers still have a & # 39; try. Get your first money.

In addition to the appeal to Vietnam's first car modes, VinFast's "No 3" price policy has a & # 39; Related to cars and motorcycle that has attracted many customers.

So, the official price list of VinFast 1,818 billean dong cars with VinFast Lux SA 2.0 (SUV); VND366 billion for VinFast Lux A 2.0 (Sedan) and VND423 million for VinFast Thread.

But, at the beginning, to encourage people to participate in the Vietnamese brand building – Vietnam's pride, as well as its popularity. "No No" policy, VinFast also applies to specific promotional policies, VND1,136 billion prices levels with VinFast Lux SA 2.0; VND 800 million with VinFast Lux A 2.0 and VND 336 million with VinFast Fadil. The upper stages are not included VAT.

Some of VinFast's official traders also included the number of VinFast Klara cyclists owned by Latvian sellers.

According to Phuc Vinh

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