More than 28,000 cycling cyclists were recruited in the Krsko Kranj system this year


Kranj, November 20 – The Krskoles system crashed in Kranjko on a bicycle, which came this year as the largest electronics system in Slovenia. The total rent in the year's season was more than 28,000. The system, which will be expanded with new stops next year, will be available again in the spring.

The Krskoles system enables 24 hour bicycle rents in 18 cycling routes around Kranj. This year, 28,146 total rents were recorded in the system, but most consumers were lent from 11am to 4pm, reported by the Municipality of Kranj, saying that the closed snow for a short time. So the system will be reused in spring.

With European funding assistance, follow the next year with the extension of the system. Just like this year, the new bicycle stations, which will be the center of a & # 39; The town is already scratched, largely split into the villages of Kranj and its urban neighbors further afield. They are planning new stations on Vrečkova Street, Baragov trg, Čirče, Drulovka, Orehko, cladh a & # 39; town and Stražišče, and the Planina otok station will also be extended.

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