more than a quarter of people confirmed in France are "too long"


In 2017, 49% of HIV positive traces were involved in unprecedented people, saying the French Public Health on Tuesday.

Screens that still appear too late. More than a quarter of people tested by HIV in France, in 2017 and 2018, were "too long", who is removing their care and their care; fighting the fight against the spread of HIV, reporting the French Public Health, Tuesday, November 27.

Between January 2017 and September 2018, 28% of people found themselves as high-level AIDS virus carriers, that is, with the disease already reported, or with little disease . of CD4 lymphocytes, white blood cells with HIV. This proportion has not decreased in late fights since 2013, even as the number of discharge exercises to & # 39; increasing, giving warning to health; public in France, ahead of the AIDS Day of the College.

In 2017, 49% of HIV-positive traits included people who have never been previously tested, add to the public body.

"So more HIV proofing needs to be strengthened in the most at risk, to reduce the proportion of people who are unfamiliar with their HIV status to get antiretroviral cure"promoting the French Public Health. The cure, "It is a major challenge to avoid the spread of HIV from people who have HIV impact on their partners in controlling the disease "Continuing the National Public Health Organization.

The total number of people diagnosed with the HIV status in 2017 is still known, but around 6,000 people were assessed in 2016. This is down by 5% from 2013.

From April 2016, biologists and clinicians need to report on the issues of HIV they are preparing. But the reports received have an estimate of the number of real cases, made up of great delay or error; including missing data, Health definitions to & # 39; Public of France.

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