More than one quarter of the Schooeans smoke. Every year, 7,900 people die in Slovakia


According to Eurobarometer, we will not reach the country with the highest number of people who smoke but 7,900 people will die this year. "We know that nicotine is a material that is very difficult, even more foolish than heroin or cocaine," says Jana Hamad, Head of Health and Safety Department of the Institute for Health and Safety

A major problem, despite the introduction of tighter legislation, passive smoking. If you smoke as a catalyst in your mouth and your baby. "Children who have been exposed to tobacco smoke in the form of long-term passive smoking, have detected surgical exams that there were nicotine in hair," Hamade continues. Passive smoking for women is also dangerous. "The child is at risk as a woman likes to smoke, as if she smoked one to five minutes every day," said the head of the department. The truth is that you do not blow and the smoke is not visible to & # 39; means it is not there.

"According to a Civil Code, the owner of the flat should not disturb neighbors above noise, ash, smoking, and a question, what is compatible with a & # 39 ; ratio, " Lawyer says Pavel Hagyari. Accordingly, it is difficult to act legally and it is essential to confirm legislation.

"A 12-year-old child was called for help with her to stop smoking," Spokesman Daša Račková Public Administration Institute.


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