More vaccine vaccine is given to doctors, doctors up to date this year


Three weeks into the annual swine flu vaccination campaign in Skye, the rate of vaccine released to medicines and doctors up in the same period in 2017.

235,984 doses were issued to health professionals, up to 10,000 doses over the last three weeks of 225,621 last year. That continues to increase the number of people who are in. immunization over the previous flu season.

"We are constantly organizing a bit over the years," said Dee Hoyano, medical health officer with Islands Health.

The total total number given in the 2017-18 flu flu season was more than 275,000.

The Islands Health also reports a small increase in the number of adults and children who have been vaccinated by public health nurses at a three-week mark – up to 10,280 from 10,266 last year.

There is still time to find out in their favorite window, Hoyano said.

"Okay, we'd like to see that everyone who is going to do a vaccine will take place the next four weeks before arriving in December, because This will usually happen when we start to see more flu activity, "she said.

Flow issues expanded from 2017-18 to April, but Hoyano said the season is usually between Decembe and March.

She said that health officers are still waiting to find out how bad & The flu season will be from 2018-19 and which is the largest species. This season's vaccine covers two types A and B B. As most of the seasons, it is expected to be between 40 and 60 percent effective.

"At present, the results of a flu vaccine show that most are influenza influenza A, H1N1," said Hoyano.

"I think that's probably what we'll see at least in the first part of our inflammation system, but I would not say that Are there regulations that we see another one more, and later. "

Hoyano said she had received her picture a few weeks ago.

"It's reducing your risk of getting a flu and can be given to others," she said. "It's one of the best choices you can do in preventing your flu vaccine."

Hygiene can also help to protect your flu, along with other reasonable viruses such as cold, she said.

Influenza bids have a & # 39; They cost $ 25, but are free for children from six months to five years, 65 and over, and those with a high risk of fluorine problems due to heart disease, cancer and other conditions.

Every year in Canada there are about 3,500 deaths associated with flu and there are 12,200 a & 39; stay in hospital.

A free vaccine is available from health clinics; public, some of the doctor's offices and their; most pharmacies. Those who are not entitled to purchase a free vaccine at a & # 39; Most pharmaceuticals and travel crafts.

To a flu vaccine clinic that is close to you, go to

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