Morgan Stanley will leave Chile among their favorite bets for 2019


There is solid growth in corporate employment, added to external factors, such as installing levels in the US, adding to next year's regional markets.

Chile is not optimistic about growing in a local situation, as the voices are among international analysts who want to promise our country of growth.

This time it was Morgan Stanley, he reported to his clients who were called the investors Silein stock roots in their careers, along with those in Brazil and Peru.

The suggestion for Argentina is the place to maintain, and in the case of Mexico and Colombia, the call is to reduce it.

In general, the bank is confident in the times for Latin America, where the increase corporate profits and "little help" from the Force Reserve US dollars would help up the stock market of the department.

"We expect global and local factors to increase multipliers through 2019," wrote by Guilherme Paiva's writers, César Medina, Nikolaj Lippmann and Valentina Rodríguez in a report released on Monday. Morgan Stanley expects earnings in the sector to grow 17% in 2019 and 5% in 2020. The American MSCI index is 12% back in dollars at the end of next year.

In this way, the US bank will connect to the favorable projections of its competitors JPMorgan Chase, who sent Chile last week as one of the key commitments for 2019. According to the entity, the weak performance recorded by the local stock exchange this year creates a good base for the coming months, especially its location; Considering a strong growth of the economy, which would be strengthened by the implementation of the reforms.

In this way, he expressed the possibility that the IPSA could reach 7,200 points by the end of 2019, which represents an increase of around 40% from your current situation.

Therefore, it is increasing the confidence of international experts for the Shuttle stock market in 2019.

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