Morning – BMCE Launch of African bank


The BMCE Bank Of Africa and Mastercard collaborate on a range of unique services and benefits that offer higher added value.
New payment cards are available on the pay market. The initiative comes from BMCE Bank of Africa in partnership with the Mastercard to meet the changing needs of high quality clients and provide new ways of paying and value added services.
Situated at the top of the electronic banking series, BMCE "World Elite" is the first Mastercard metal chart launched in Morocco which provides special payment limits and withdrawals, better helpers and a warranty. insurance, a service of a private concierge, unrestricted access to VIP lounns / lounns and express speed services at airports.
Also, as a result of a range of valuable benefits, the "Platinum Mastercard" offers a wide range of opt-out and payment options. He works in accounts or in cash and allows you to perform different operations in tours or commercial sites.
In addition, a pilot program is to be launched to launch the first bio-biometric chart in Morocco and North Africa called Mastercard Platinum. It offers a new and authenticated method of authentication, because it allows the user to authenticate using their key to make a payment. This time, Mastercard won the Trophy Innovation-2019 to BMCE to launch the first biomedical central cargo in North Africa, as well as the first “First Market” prize for the first metal card. T "Mastercard" was launched. World Elite "in Morocco.

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