Morning report: Georges St-Pierre says he has been fully accused of health issues, but he is not sure he will ever be able to fight again


Earlier this week, Georges St-Pierre spoke about why he did not commit a fight against Anderson Silva. Now, revival in general seems to be something that is of great interest.

Speaking to the podcast podcast, St-Pierre emerged, although it is fully received from the health issues. He stopped his middle position, the old tree is not sure he will not return to battle.

"I have a very physical feeling, in a great shape as never before," said St-Pierre. "[Ulcerative colitis] Very bad but I'm tired of it. I do not have to take my medication any more. H mph South South Westerly Wind Direction N /

"I could [come back] but telling the truth is smaller and more likely to me. I did not think I would say that one day: I'm going to; getting older. I do not want to fight with a young man who has not done the legacy, not that name. I would not have anything to win. Every time we go to the eight, it's a danger. You may have a bad day. West-West We are always mistaken away from the KO or do not hurt. So it is always at risk and the risk needs to be deserved.

"I'm not interested in returning, fighting with a star rising, and damaging that person. It will not give me anything and destroy my dream star rising . We're losing there, we just earn more money. If I come back, it does not have to pay more money for a legacy. "

The challenge of a challenger is enough to give a prize to go to; come back, and that's a narrow window. Young names do not recognize and fight with the name of that name to a great extent beyond their priorities. One name has been moved as a challenger who responds to his / her; Bill, and after its latest accomplishment, St-Pierre admits that he could do the trick, if the UFC was allowed to happen.

"Khabib said that he would like to fight against me before the MacGillog fight," said St-Pierre. "I was not interested at that time. He was not known, he did not affect someone with a title or a name. Now he met MacGregor, it's better.

"[But] Not the person who wants people out. It's not my personality. I know that people talk about that fight; However, I know that UFC would not be interested in that fight at 155 [pounds]I know that I am at the end of my position. There are not many traces left. I come back for maybe 1, 2, 3 feet. Maybe nonsense. I may not come back and I'm right there. "

If he's off, St-Pierre's legacy is as good as anyone in the sport. One of the two people who have ever won titles in a lot of stress classes in the UFC, St-Pierre is considered to be one of the biggest things. With a 26-2 record in one of the best sports divisions, it is difficult to discuss this. At 37 years of age, other recycling threatens a & # 39; going back forever, and at this time, GSP does not seem to be the value of it, even though he wants at least.

"When I set up the goals I said I did not want to be taken out of the sport," St-Pierre decided. "I wanted to retire from my job and on top. If I do that now, I would like to fulfill my mission.

"However, the rival is still inside me, and so when I see the young people ready to fight after going on, I like to be A good and strong feeling, he does it and wants to come back. That's where it's harder for me. I want to go back there. I feel ok, at my crop. I feel better than when I was 25. But when I'm with my family and everyone, it is not so tense. When I Awaking in the morning, I ask myself: "Do you want to go back to that circus?" "

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A strange solution just enough.


We are all just children.

Tonnie things say.

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Weekend big fight ahead. The Bellator doubleheader should be very funny and then we'll finally come to FOX. Oh, and boxing is Canelo. That should be fun too.

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