Morning reports show that someone else on Zimgura Musician has died


Tedious Matsito

The reports received show that Sungura Musician Tadious Matsito of the much-loved Sungura, the Ngwenya Brothers, has died.

It identified very high sources in the local music industry that Matsito died in early this morning.

The composer has been very sick for a long time.

Matsito is very popular with the famous song “Gede Mwana Gede” which he shared with his organization in the mid 1990s.

He has been fighting with a group of developers on his leg in May 2012, having been injured in a car crash in 2008. Unfortunately the accident was forgotten. some of his band members.

Talk about goals such as “Nyaradzo”, “Gede Mwana” and “Madiro” amongst others. The paths were built into poems at the top of the Ngwenya Brothers' job.

The musician's weaknesses began when the band were involved in an accident on the journey from Mozambique in August 2008. The tragedy killed his brothers Luckmore and Domingo as well as being a female dancer. The band also lost and was a big blow to Matsito that had to go for long months without demonstrations, meaning that it had no income. When Matsito got back and started performing demonstrations, another problem arose.

The condition which was seriously injured and destroyed during 2012. The Bank ABC came to rescue it and helped to cut down his leg, but his problems continued. stand.

He chased heating in South Africa in 2016 and suffered a high school stroke which left him needing speech therapy and blocked his left and shoulder arm.

Her role as a musician has also been affected by the loss of music. Promoters made a presentation to help and some of the submissions were made.

As he kept in mind against a rigorous truth, Matsito had a stroke. This was the hardest blow to his job that was pushed by bad luck from the 2008 serious accident.

Alick Macheso has recently released a son from Tedious Matsito, Tedious Muchapedza Jnr., Who has recently appointed the band's director.

At the time, last year, Macheso said he was worried by Tedious Matsito's poor health.

“Mukoma Tedious is unwell and I know the financial and psychological challenges that cause this family. It will be great if we all come together to help the story. Everyone feels they are on board so that they can get back. It should not be merely musicians but all help from Zimbabwean, ”said Johnson in April last year.

The last Mediito in Tedious Muchapedza

Baba Sharo has been promoting Muchapedza to music and has free studio time at Alema Studios in Chitungwiza amongst other things.

Tedious started a group with his brothers Albert, Jabulani, Michael and Edward in 1985 when they moved to the Glenara Estate in Mazowe to continue their dream. The Glenara Estate was their kick started.

In 1990, they released their first album by receiving the songs ‘Sekuru Vatenga Mota’ and ‘Zuva Guru '.

Two years later they released their album “Nyaradzo” which became a negative. Matsito went on to release 14 albums without his late brothers. In addition to the list of Matsito's big records:

  • Kurongerana (2013)
  • Nyaradzo (1992)
  • Chivaraidzo (1994)
  • Chakanaka Chakanaka
  • Emhuru (1995)
  • Kugara Nekugara
  • Muzita rashe
  • Tumirai Shoko
  • Inguva Chete

His wife Patience and six children live for him. No funeral arrangements have yet been communicated.

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