Morocco and the UAE encourage investment in a real estate


With The Economist The 29/03/2019 – 08:34 Split
Morocco and the UAE encourage investment in a real estate

A Memorandum of Understanding between Morocco and the United Arab Emirates was made about encouraging and managing an investment in a real estate signed on Thursday in Dubai. The document was submitted, on the lines of the "Festival Real Estate Festival" 2019, by the Secretary of State for Housing, Fatna Lkhiyel and the Director General of Land and Goods in Dubai, Sultan Bati Ben Mojran.

This memo prepares for real estate-related activity and confidence building in this area through the establishment of intelligent services to create a stable global building environment. It aims to promote the building market by organizing exhibitions and participating in international and regional conferences and exhibitions.

The two bodies are also committed to scrutinizing and reviewing legislation on buildings to achieve integration and excellence, to develop appropriate standards and to join the world's newest developments, as well as to coordination with authorities to enable training and certification of market players with the aim of improving the sector and staff skills.

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