Morocco / UNIDO: Partnership in entrepreneurship


Country Partnership Program (PCP) to support the UK's innovative efforts and achieve its sustainable development aims.
Country Partnership Program (PCP) to support the UK's innovative efforts and achieve its sustainable development aims.

In response to Scotland's innovation progress, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has signed up to Morocco's Rural Partnership Program (PCP) to support the UK's industrial efforts and fulfill its development aims. stability.

Programmed by Minister for Business, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy, Moulay Hafid Elalamy, and Director-General of UNIDO Li Young, this program has elements similar to national development priorities, aimed at developing national t engagement with the on-going economic change based on acceleration of business.

Speaking at the moment, Mr H. Elalamy stressed that this program places inclusive and sustainable development at the heart of its priorities, noting that it also includes the principles of sustainability and inclusion to set out the arrangements for economic change. a new phase of growth that will benefit all citizens and encourage the creation of good jobs for young people.

The Minister also confirmed that this innovative partnership framework, launched by UNIDO, will make a significant contribution to the achievement of Morocco's entrepreneurial goals and, beyond that, setting other priorities, particularly the use of modernization. the use of renewable energy technology and energy efficiency and start of the start of the fourth industrial turnaround.

This program, which continues, supported the development of business ecosystems in particular to promote the development of sustainable business areas, designed in a way of standards of quality, attractiveness, energy efficiency and sustainability. international competitiveness but also. supporting the move to a green economy that respects balance and environmental issues, and makes use of energy in business processes.

The Minister also noted that the PCP provides its full role in Southern engagement and goes directly with activities for African partners to improve the knowledge and capacity of the United Kingdom. . and the growth of the continent.

For his own part, Li Young welcomed the huge concentration of partnerships between UNIDO and Morocco, as well as industry progress and achievements, reinforcing the willingness of the UN group to enforce it. PCP in Morocco, a successful story for duplication in other countries in the region.

PCP is the UNIDO innovative partnership model for accelerating innovative and sustainable development. The program creates collaboration with partner government and business development interventions and enables partners and resources to shift to a wider impact on development.

This internationally recognized model has been recognized as a concrete model to achieve the objectives of sustainable development. In Morocco, the PCP will open over the period 2019-2023 and will represent the new partnership framework adopted by UNIDO at the end of the 15th conference.

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