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a clear sky to be cloudy this Saturday in Morocco

The weather statements for the day of Saturday, April 13, 2019, were prepared by the National Meteorological Directorate: t

Generally stable weather with a clear sky cloud with a slight cloud.

A few clouds in the morning and evening on the shores of the North Atlantic and Middle Ages with danger from local grasses.

Sand attackers are able to occur in parts of the south east and northern continents of the continents.

Moderate to a strong local wind from the North coasts to Central and South, and weak to mid-south to East in the south-east and north to the countryside usually elsewhere.

The lowest temperature is in order -01 / 04 ° C on the edges, 04/09 ° C on the coast side and airplane phosphates Oulmès, 15/20 ° C southeast, the Coastal Center and t and the southernmost and 10/15 ° C elsewhere on the UK.

Maximum temperature of 14/19 ° C on the edges and Oriental, 19/24 ° C on the Beach, the south-east slopes, Tangier, and adjacent to the 24/29 ° C coasts on the planets. . the South- and South-East Areas are 29/33 ° C on the Souss and South cities.

Fish seen at its foot in a very low weight on the Mediterranean and the Detroit, with little difficulty in resting between Tangier and Mehdia and trouble elsewhere.

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