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a dog is killed in Moselle

Aujesky's disease, an animal-like virus virus, has become a problem in Moselle. A 18-month-old dog died from the backstone of the middle of December when her master left her.

"We were hunting Saturday and Sunday at Troisfontaines, and Zimming's next day. On the day, at 21h, the dog started to weaken her blood, then set up a paralysis . The next day at 6pm, she was dead, "he said to the newspaper United Kingdom.

The man, called Romaric, says that his dog began to show those marks after being involved in a small wound. Shortly before, a further dog with similar problems in the Folschviller area was defended. The investigation still decides to determine whether the animal was in a position; suffering from Aujesky's disease too.

Marks like sausages

Identified from 1902 by a Hungarian watcher named him, "Pseudo-rage" is also called Aujesky's disease. It is badly pulled with wild boil and domestic pigs to domestic animals (dogs, cats).

Her symptoms, usually fatal, are similar to those in sausages: hard skin that often leads to automation, and paralysis. Unlike happiness, Aujesky's disease is not attracted to humans. It is not sore between dogs.

If there is a vaccine against pseudographers for domestic pigs, this is not true for a wild boar. So the largest virus of exposure to the virus is. To protect them, it is essential not to serve them as a slaughter, to defrost their damage and, as long as as possible, to prevent them from getting a throat (alive or dead) when they go; hunting.

In 2018, two other cases of canine death with pseudo-rabies were recorded in the towns of Toul and Bayon, in Meurthe-et-Moselle.

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