A new type of local cancer vaccine helps the immune system find out what region is in fur t

Researchers have published an analysis that reports on the testing of a new vaccine that develops protection cells to help them escape to the hosts.

Some protective cells routinely control other cells in the body by connecting to proteins on their leaflets, named. T monitoring points (or check-checking) to make sure that they are not showing that they are monitoring an anomaly.

Skin cells have a different name on the surface that allows psycho-toxin cells (which kill cells or cancer cells) to be identified. However, some of them can deceive the immune system by reproducing these checkpoints, so giving them the opportunity to look like healthy cells. T

There is a medicine that uses the internal control point of cancer cells, helps cells to focus them. However, this treatment is not particularly effective for all thicknesses, like thickness non-barred lymphoma not Hodgkin (NHLi)cancer of the blood which is particularly challenging.

Mount Sinai in New York has researchers in a new way to develop a vaccine that pulls the cells T to the site of the box by advancing the call in a vaccine.display of antigen"This is a machine made with the help of another type of white blood cell, the dendritic cells."

The treatment involves introducing 2 movements in the body ().in situ). The first one is raising awareness of dendritic cells to the place where it was given. The second produces in the cells as displaying chemical indicators on their surface, called antigens, which show that the cells are toxic from the toxin that they have to remove. . Radiotherapy is then carried out locally, locally by the bottle, to encourage them to get out of the path.

11 clinical individuals have been trained in the clinical trials. They responded to the answer to the boxes from all of their boxes, as well as varying degrees in each patient.

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" Many cancers have an adverse effect in situ Explain Joshua Brody, director of the Mount Sinai Lymphoma Program of Immunotherapy. " This approach may also help the recovery of other activities such as prevention of control points ".

In fact, tests of this effect on cancer and ovarian cancer are making progress. The researchers also found that after testing mice, the effectiveness of check-checkers has increased dramatically when combined with the vaccine, dispensing the opportunities from 40% to 80%. T . This combination is verified on patients.

This treatment could be part of many methods that have remained developed in recent years developed against cancer with high mortality rates and difficult to remove.

Bottom: Nature Medicine

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