AIDS: such seropositivity remains are still too long

Around 6,400 people found HIV in France in 2017, more than half were injured in heterogeneous species, number » tstable"For a number of years, new data released by Thursday include Health Public France by health group. According to this report, among the 6,000 people, 3,600 (56%) were polluted by virus. T AIDS in heterosex relationships, 2,600 (41%) for males and 130 (2%) for drug use.

The French Public Health (SpF) estimates that the number of HIV detection is good for both main diseases (heterogeneous and homosexual) " tis sustainable between 2010 and 2017"long"it decreases among drug usersis not feasible.

"The difference measured from previous estimates can be explained by changes in procedure and not by increase in the number of searches."she recounts in a commentary."

These changes have been increasingly used with doctors and biologists in the “e-Do” web application that allows, and sooner, soon. Despite that, "Despite the widespread HIV offer in France, almost a third of HIV-positive detection is too long t"That is to say, it is done"at a progressive level"Of the disease, or even a clinical AIDS level, it feels this is" thas been steady since 2013"said the public body."

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