Alphabet: Good results but high costs, falling

SAN FRANCISCO, 4 February (Reuters) – Alphabet
They announced Monday changed and higher profit
Expected in the fourth season, but cost huge
higher, both commercially and for new creation
data centers or occupational experts
worrying investors.

Google's Google home action, which won prs
17% over the last six weeks, 2.3%
$ 1,114.60 in post market activities.

Partially due to the increase in its costs,
The alphabet has a 21% operating area in its fourth place
Fourth, down from 24% years ago.

All costs and expenses reached 31.07
billion in the fourth quarter, up 26%
compared to last year. It has invested expenditure
Increase by 64%, $ 7.08 billion.

"Google suffers a great decline in margins
operations, "written by Richard Kramer, an analyst of Arete
Search. "They have a lot of money for investment and seven
billions of doctors have a common investment investment expense. "

Ruth Porat, the British Financial Officer, said
analysts and investors who cost investing
to be "moderately important" this year.

She said the group had approved a draft
re-purchase of $ 12.5 billion of additional shares.

The results are better than Facebook's expectations
The week was expected to increase market expectations
Alphabet, suggest that there is a fear of & # 39; become slower
global growth was too big.

The alphabet has entered a net profit of 8.95 billion
dollar (7.83 billion euro), not $ 12.77 per department,
for his fourth quarter of December, after a loss
$ 3.02 billion per year before, or $ 4.35 per share,
due to a special cost of 9.9 billion.

Its trading number grew 21.5% 39.28
billions of dollars, 80% of which come from advertising
gadget and YouTube, they have their company.

His analysis was on average; expected to change
$ 38.93 billion and earn $ 10.87 each
action, according to IBES colors from Refinitiv.
(Arjun Panchadar Bangalore, Juliette Rouillon for the service

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