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At the time of hiring the Álvaro League of Champions

Organized for 18 months at Atlético de Madrid by Chelsea in winter, Ávvaro Morata Turin on Tuesday night, where he found his mind blocks and killed the boy he had when he came to Italy, died on Tuesday. Where he needs it, he also needs to take another trick out of his funny hat.

When Ávaro Morata advances the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, on 9 February, there is an idea of ​​a dramatic opening. We must look at the Spanish invader gently into the scene, armed with the child's eyes and look at a perfect kind. Morata looks up, crowns the time, he laughs. Why is this, why now? " Diego Simeone didn't have to take them away, my life was going through many walks, but he was destined to return here t "He made an argument a few days earlier. At Attictico, the club where his grandfather, Ignacio, was mourning so much, and the club he brought to his home at the age of fifteen when his cargo was sent t Scheme being undertaken. colchonerait was up to the base or front. Càrn, Álvaro Morata. Face, Borja Bastón. The room had fallen on the side of the second. So, Morata had gone back to Getafe, then to Real Madrid. " This time again, everything stopped when I heard of Atlético. Everything that happened to your past is all that happened before. I'm back and everything looks amazing.Even relax with Real, then.
In this type of film, Ávaro Morata has excelled. A year after the push with the Real in Lisbon, in the final of the European League, to return to Atlético, the Spanish, who became a Juventus player, is a mysterious death. by half. Last last issue. It was easy to hit with Chelsea in September 2017 through the first European night organized by Wanda Metropolitano. That night Atlético (1-2) lost, and Morata became equal. A humorous anecdote, especially when you know that the attacker built his second C1 of his job with Real, against Juventus, in Cardiff. The Austro Morata life course has been like a cruel, strange meetings and roads that take away to Spanish internationals a place. At the time of his first life of his life at Atlético in a home game, he was served: Real Madrid. again . Result? Morata played a little more than 70 minutes, called in thirty balls and visited, in fact, an amazing goal. Her lob on Thibaut Courtois, after an opening opening by José Giménez, enabled the Atletico to return to 2-2 and avoid firstly losing home for more than nine months. Missing.

"Not everybody values ​​me unnecessarily"

They have lost because of the VAR's refusal to uphold Morata's aim, as a subsequent tenth sentence against Juventus. At the same time, things had changed by color. The 26-year-old understood that he was still opposed to the labels: " People who aren't happy I am coming back. I had other choices, but I chose Atlético. Not everyone appreciates me, but everyone was unpopular with Jesus. "A problem, nobody had ever seen Beulhemhem in a repair, and if it has fallen, between these trips, the Spanish have come back, and this is the murderous blow this time. T on the third attempt, at the end of February, before Villarreal (2-0), before they were superseded by a range of Soc Socet (0-2): three verified objectives. that at the time of Atlético it is that the Austrian Morata has it at Atlético, where it has its agreement with Antoine Griezmann watching the eyes, and t In Madrid, Morata's life gets more different air than ever, pressing, falling and getting up with a sharp step at the time when Diego Costa is fighting with his body and has to play a hanging at the time when At he stayed in Turin, on Tuesday night, to prove his testimony to the seasonality of the Champions League. By the party, Diego Simeone achieved the goal: " tWe will try to play the best game, which will improve Morata's chances for himself.Where is the child?

Buffon, tears and blocks

He had never been to Ávaro Morata, who is preparing to return to Italy this week, where he arrived tlittle boy"In the summer of 2014 and where it left two years later that it fell into a universe: football. Continuing to Turin at 21, he was already walking in his bag C1, Liga and two cups of the King, then Morata was alone: ​​alone in front of the argument, by himself against despair, at the time of his second season in t Juve, the Spanish devastated a hundred days without visiting, trying to alter his fur, car, change the beard. "I was losthe explained to himGuardiana few months later.The public believes it is tools; they don't understand that there are personal problems behind a bad series.(…)It wasn't just goals, b & # 39; It's just what it was. It's a bit of everything. I left the house very early, I was fighting for Juventus and I needed Real to have records about me. My future position was not, I didn't know about the future. And it affected me."

One morning, Moral Morata is going through a training session like ghost and running into tears before the eyes of Gianluigi Buffon. Italy has taken the Spanish invader under his wing, but he asks him not to cry but from the sight, just so that he won't let his feelings go over the field boundaries. Since then, Morata has been fightingpsychological barriers. t“Experts were consulted and met the same cheers during their visit to Chelsea. A trip since it left horrible words written by Gianfranco Zola a few weeks ago: "You are in Chelsea. You don't play for Southampton or Brighton. People expect a lot from the Chelsea influential.»Fifteen fifths of the Premier League over 18 months.

Last summer the Spanish invader then put it through a sort of depression: " tI didn't want to speak to anyone, I didn't want to hear anyone, I just wanted to stay at home. It wasn't heavy, but something like this. In football, everything is connected to mind, and the last season, I endured in this area, as I was getting a lot of pressure, the waiting was strong."He is also in Madrid, but Ávaro Morata is at home and in particular he was given Diego Simeone, who has been carrying on for many years with a desire: to hang hanger on the superb players. spaces in the target which were specifically designed for Euro 2016. In France, the lady of Buffon is ". ta gift that is of the highest caliberItaly was going away from the European Championship with most of Juve's friends, including triplet Bonucci-Barzagli-Chiellini who advised him " tthrow helmetsWhen they address them. On Tuesday night, he gets the chance for a new fight, a war in the middle, a new fun time. For an evening where Morata can have a good view where he can be happy as if by magic. Where he can be Elvaro Morata, again.

With Maxime Brigand

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