Brussels is close to saying that the union is not

The EU is preparing to ban on the unification of the German union of Siemens and Alstom, despite the pressure from Berlin and Paris who hoped that it would make a European high-tech fort against a Chinese competition.

The European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, announced the nomination of his proposed unions, announced by a public in September 2017, told AFP three sources in Brussels and as a source of the French government.

The Danish commissioner has recently been disturbed by the impact of his / her. this union. Reduce the number of Union-based competitors, which could improve train prices for railings and customer tickets.

The European Union did not declare that a ban was announced.

In an unusual way, President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, was defended Tuesday, in a Brussels speech, the European competition policy. The French and German governments have recently been a strong attack, as well as the businessmen of both countries.

"We always offer fair competitions for companies and, ultimately, for users (…) We will never make politics or admiration when it will be going to launch the Luxembourger.

Formerly proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron to oppose the GAFA, Ms. Vestager has been the aim of direct or smaller attacks from Paris and Berlin.

– "Gift to China" –

The two main letters, as well as business-makers, are organizing a competition from CRRC China, the world's leading rail company, due to two Beijing-owned state-owned companies.

CRRC produces 200 high-speed trains every year, and Siemens-Alstom 35, recently told French Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire.

On Tuesday, the French government's government said the bankruptcy expected from Brussels "was a sign of a special ideology of the Commission that opposes European leases", Concerning the definition of the "tight" rules on the & # 39; Brussels.

According to this source, this refusal is a "gift to China" that seeks to; European market open, & # 39; It is being protected by high subsidies and its "today closed market".

On the same day, the Minister of German Economics, Peter Altmaier, also advocated a policy that leaves groups on a European scale, to create organizations who can play "equal" on the the international world and the law review. competition law.

"Are there no areas like air, rail, banks, where do you need to market as a place of marketplace in Europe?", Said the minister.

And still on Tuesday, the French federation of the French employers (Medef), Geoffroy Roux de Bezieux, also considered "essential" the foundation of European camps.

Previous week, Siemens's headquarters, Joe Kaeser, won the "retrograde" technocrats.

Both French, French and German groups have attempted to move the European Commission through compensatory measures, selling special activities. In private, so they prepared for this copy.

Alstom and Siemens Mobility will "leave" each of them "next to a & # 39; preventing their process, he said, Alstom's Chief Executive, Henri Poupart-Lafarge, French every day, Figaro, was to be released on Wednesday.

Siemens, at the same time, said that he had been denied, did not block an IPO of the movement of his profound prorographer.

The unlawful union should be done by the Belgians and French Alstom unions. Repeat them in a meeting with Ms. Vestager. in Paris on the 21st of January after they were opposed to the project, causing large labor cuts.

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