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Capturing a dangerous Italian in Marrakech

A prefectural policing of the judicial police at Marrakech continued, on Monday, to capture a suspected Italy as one of the leaders of Italy's crime network "Mazzarella" which belonged to the international crime group "Corporation". ".

The 44-year-old suspected was arrested in the Ourika area near Marrakesh, in accordance with Fourteen MP against the International Crime Police (Interpol) group on 7 January. In 2019, when the Italian judicial authorities wish to state that they were involved in pre-emption and unauthorized ownership, the DGS reported in a statement. T

The respondent was put in the custody of the police at the execution of the issued cases, the DGS stresses that the Italian authorities were notified of the lack of notification of the situation. invite to send the export file to export.

The inclusion of the Italian citizens above is part of the implementation of a co-operative relationship with the Italian authorities in the security field and following the consolidation of the search systems of individuals who are subject to the assent. T command. the same international dimension, to decide the same source.

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