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Dineosaur defended himself with his back found in Argentina

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Buenos Aires (AFP)

A new species of herbal dinosaur, with a defensive spine on a spinal cord, was found in Patagonia, southern Argentina, saying he was a researcher from Argentina.

Bajadasaurus pronuspinax, a member of the family Dicraeosauridae, has been back 140 million years ago in a region of Argentina when common dinosaur traces, such as those of Giganotosaurus Carolinii, in 1993, thought that the largest carnivorous in the world. all the time.

"We believe that the long, long, thin and sharp spiders, in the back and neck of Bajadasaurus and Amargasaurus cazaui (other species of dicraeosaurids), prevent predators, It's possible, "said Pablo Gallina, Conicet researcher (CNRS Argentinian) and Félix de Azara Foundation of the Maimonides University of Buenos Aires.

The search was published in the Nature magazine.

A reconstruction of the prehistoric art is exhibited at the Science Cultural Center in Buenos Aires.

According to the paleont expert, they would have to protect horn or skin of spindles so as not to break them.

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