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'Dora and the Lost Castle' have her first trailer

"CINEMA -" Come on, let's go, let's get out, let out friends. " We are still a long way from the little girl who tended to be young children in the early 2000s. "Dora the Explorer" was converted into a film and the first reader was released, this Sunday, March 24. With the title " Dora the Explorer and the Lost City make the film starring a beautiful team by Isabela Moner ("Transformers: The Last Knight"), as well as Eva Longoria and Michael Pena as Dora's Parents.

The playground: "After years of researching the jungle with her parents, Dora prepares for the hardest events in her life – getting into the high school. Her soul is as a researcher. reappeared when she needs to flee to her parents in danger As well as with her loyal mountain Babouche, her cousin Diego and her colorful new friends, Dora begins his career. t A fun event that guides her in opening the City of Gold Lost mystery Allociné.

It must be said that the film about the film was somewhat uncommon: Michael Bay is in charge of the overall performance. "Transformers", "Amityville", "No Pain No Fine", "Armageddon", "Pearl Harbor" … films that are really bursting to match with Dora the wise who is interested in your teaching t English. t

But if heroine has not been here for the past eight years but is a teenager, the film appears to be the foundation: the young American actor Peruvian Isabela Moner appears t in the pink clothes and traditional orange of Dora, with redundant fittings. back. The game also includes the monkey Babouche and a warrior cousin Diego. A key character of the animated series is missing: Chipeur, the fox fox and the kleptomaniac.

The film will be distributed in the theater on 14 August.

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