Fez: who arrested a driver who struck a police officer forever

The Fez Prefecture Police Force was arrested by a Friday car driver, who voluntarily hit a high injury officer who died of serious injury, the Director of National Security (DGSN) said.

With analyzes and technical reviews carried out in the context of this case, they arrested the suspect in the timetable, adding to the DGSN in a statement, saying The bad cause was being alcoholic.

The deceased person, who was carrying out his mission in traffic and traffic organization in a city in Fez town, on Friday morning a morning to carry the driver with traffic crime before the second head flying and entering the chief peace officer, announcing the same source.

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My case, at the age of 32, was arrested at the inspection carried out by the procurator fiscal's office to publish the position of this offender. According to the statement, the General Director of National Security has directed the Mohammed VI Foundation of the social services of national security officers to cover the funeral costs and its assets; support and help. essential for the family of the deceased person who is a head of professional responsibility.

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