Wednesday , September 18 2019
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French athlete stopped to control drugs in Morocco

The French marathon runner, Clemence Calvin, was stopped by the French Against The Madonna (AFLD) Group for losing an anti-aging test while she was in Morocco. The European Champions are in Berlin in 2018 and this year's athlete is athlete, Calvin says his case happened on 27 March in Marrakech.

“Three men came in me behind, a man caught my arm, and they said: + a French policeman, where Dahmani (Samir, her coach and her husband, are also an international athlete)? "These three people would be samplers of the AFLD." They didn't tell me, "he said," We are going to take a sample, "said the athlete, saying that nothing had happened. anti-drugs experiment.

Although Calvin has never been confirmed, his version of the events has gone against the Group. The AFLD "hopes to give all effects, including a judgment, that these claims are". The case is coming because Calvin was going to run on the Sunday in the Paris marathon.

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