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From this weight there is a cancer risk

From this weight there is a cancer risk

A recent article published recently The Lancet a link again to the terrible increase in too heavy and the extraction of coal among young American adults between 1995 and 2014. This rise is particularly relevant to people aged 25 to 29 in particular. The cancer-related cancers are all related to weight due to the depression, pancreas, dagger, sediment supply, and sediment intake. dauphuing-rectum. The researchers' big decision is that only the risk of cancer is associated with fat people, but also the greater risk of cancer. overweight.

already 17% of fat adults in France

Cancer too heavy … difficulty now public health and obviously France is not getting out of it. While overweight statistics have remained stable in France for around ten years, they remain a major health problem. In 2015, too much weight included 17% of people aged 6-17 years and 49% of adults aged 18-74. Four per cent of the children and 17% of French adults would be fat.

Is your weight at risk?

The pressure is considered to be overweightbody mass table greater than or equal to 25 kg / m2. When the BMI is larger or equivalent to 30 kg / m2we are talking about obesity. To find out your details BMI The numbering is: your weight in kg, divided by height in meters, all square.

The number of cancer included shooting

In 2015, a general knowledge co-ordinated by the National Cancer Institute, it also received a similar link between overweight and cancer hematologic : lymphoma, leukemia, myeloma many …

In 2016 a a report by the International Research Group that, at the same time, it had been felt that the correlation with the abortion was diminishing in a number of cancers, especially those of t thyroid and meningioma.

Lastly, three of the four main causes of cancer that are stopped, after tobacco, are attached to the infection Nutrition : alcoholic, uneven diet and … fat. We know it is in France at the moment, 40% of cancer is associated with lifestyle and the environment.

In 2015, it was possible that 18,600 cancers that had been recognized in France were the result of being overweight. Thick that: 4,500 breast cancer and 3,400 toll cancer.

How do you prevent obesity?

According to the WCRF / AICR 2018 report, the main obesity is spending time on screens, sugary drinks or an unfair diet. On the other hand, lots of exercise materials (fruit and vegetables) or breastfeeding that may be vulnerable to overweight.

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