Google Photos also scannes professional documents

The Google Photos app allows you to automatically scan documents. The new feature is to save time for professionals.

(CCM) – The latest opportunity to Google's Images of Google Pictures is provided Automatically crop and modify documents, invoices or receipts. Mentioned in official tweet (link in English) it can save time for professionals who use it Google Images for their work.

In addition to saving and editing photographs that have always been on offer, Google Images turning the productivity app with the latest update. When a user gives a picture, the application automatically offers a crop and change. In one click, the second extraordinary boundaries have been removed and the picture changes to the original size of the document. The solution also gives permission change the side A document is scanned and distributed in black and white.

The new option chosen "Crop and Adjust" giving individuals the opportunity to store and keep important documents pay their bills and cost tickets All of these are easy to store before they are stored online. Note: in addition to "Crop and Adjust", it is also possible to activate "Lens" at the request to use it identify automatically in the text have the document and "edit and organize" the document.

Update Google Images spread out on the Fun Village.

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