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Google Stadia: an opportunity to play the game under Linux (desktop)?

Even when someone supports free software, you might even have fun with free video games, and if it is done on our favorite platform (Linux). desktop so I'll always appear when I talk about it Linux then.

But those who know this activity do know that everything is far from changing. By acknowledging that our drivers are correct, not all Linux games can play. It is seldom rare for a Linux port to play at games1. When they are, they are either unbiased games (I suspect the Emigration Pillars, or Towers of Numerera), or that ports are visually impaired. relative to the Windows t2.

The Steam OS (and therefore Linux) disaster has changed the motion, without the games they get to grips with our stage favorite.

A couple of days ago, Google called the "console in the future", Google Stadia. However, after research, it appears they will use AMD chipboard (CPU and GPU); but especially that the Linux Vulkan software stack will be for the graphical API [2] [3].

So, we hope (out) that this stack of software is not too different from that used for our personal computers and will stimulate the appearance of Linux games. One of them can also hope that different tools will be released and that it will be of benefit to accessing quality games free of charge.

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