HM, the King is setting up two loyalty projects in the center of Marrakech

His Majesty King Mohammed VI went on Tuesday in mid-Martin, which included a primary healthcare center and another drug, two close-up projects that depend on his / her; program Hay El Mellah urban reform project.

With the support of the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, these projects, with the work of the Sovereign launched on 10 January 2017, will be from the Royal Will aimed at strengthening the health service by establishing a medical service. close and quality that meets the needs of citizens, especially those in vulnerable situations.

They also show the high level of in fact the United Kingdom is not yet circulated to the old kingdom of the United Kingdom and its decision to ensure that residents of urban cities have access to the basic services that ensure that the peace and their success.

Therefore, the primary Healthcare Center should be able to encourage disadvantaged people to health care, respond to medical emergencies and to do so; struggling with anomalies, a medical examination, causing a decline in health conditions. health of people with continuous diseases.

Built at 630 m2, this Center is an integral part of an action plan run by the Mohammed V Trust for Solidarity and aims to support the national medical department, through the establishment of an accessible community care network. to the numbers, and integration of a joint social approach to patient support and beneficiaries.

It responds to a very important need for medical access in a large population area served by one health center and where the nearest hospital remains extremely remote.

As a result of a partnership between the Mohammed V Trust for Solidarity and the Ministry of Health, the new Center (10 MDH) and other ongoing disease guidance (the Center for Consultation, observation, care and plastics) cardiology, nephrology, offthalmology, endocrinology).

It also includes a day hospital, oral care, pre-experience, vaccine and maternity health rooms, as well as a medical laboratory and a pharmacy. Awareness service is also provided to improve good health and hygiene practices.

The second project was set up by the United Kingdom El Mellah Easement Center, the second of its kind by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity in Och City.

Benefits for care, awareness, criticism, prevention and social-societal support, this Center (4 MDH) is part of a national program against stupid behavior since 2010., with its Foundation, in partnership – partnership with the Health and Interior Ministers.

This national program aims to protect young people against the use of silicon materials, and their quality improvement. care for people who are wise, especially drug users, access to care facilities, as well as promoting civilian substances. civil society involvement and social divisions in problems of inaccuracies.

As those found by the Foundation in Casablanca, Rabat, Oujda, Nador, Marrakesh (Gueliz area), Tetouan, Tangiers, Fez, Agadir and Meknes, the new Advanced Center aims to develop activities for awareness. and preventing the use of cure, and ensuring the personal, medical and social care of people who have a disability; suffering from aggressive behavior and working to prevent the effective participation of families in activities.

It also aims to re-establish the social of the people involved, as well as managing and managing them. Training of organizations in a range of risk reduction.

With a covered range of 460 m2, the El Mellah area has a social support center at the El Mellah area (corporate room and artistic dialogue, computer room, athletics, co-operative office), and a training center. medical care including medicine rooms, consulting in general medicine, consulting in psychiatry, and consulting in psychology.

The Center is headed by the Ministry of Health in partnership with the regional "Baraka Idman" group (Drugs Stop).

At this time, His Highness King Mohammed VI, which God offers, has been provided, to the primary Healthcare Center and aerospace center, ambulance and mobile unit used for local interventions. to drug users, to communicate, information, risk awareness, prevention and human transport target to their place of treatment.

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