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Three nine-year films, humor, emotion, strong choices, a dramatic and dramatic visual world and interesting characters: this is why the "Dragons" saga is one of the best things in the history of animation.

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CUTTING – The article below describes how it reviews some of the "Dragons 3" events, and # 39; including its boundary. So take your way if you have not yet seen the movie. For others, go after the movie trailer of the features, which are currently in theater.

On March 31, 2010, the ninth animated film from Dreamworks Studios, which, in just over ten years, has been a major competitor at Pixar in this area, at a time when Disney is still in the waves of the waves. Even though despite the success of Shrek, Kung-Fu Panda no Madagascar, he can not still have a level; to reach a computing, who has just followed Ratatouille, Wall-E and Up, and is ready to deliver a coup of grace with Toy Story 3, the third (and the end) program of the saga that allowed him make a name for himself.

And in parallel, this is just a year in which Toy Story's license is a Finishing (temporarily) that Dreamworks launches the one that allows them to go to; competition. By traveling on the same ground and without fear of feeling. The Prince of Egypt or Spirit was the stall of the fields, but the house's representations stood above everyone due to the cartoon side and the ultra-reference side, and Shrek was a chief ambassador. But everything has changed with Dragons in 2010. Composed by a novel by Cressida Cowell with two empty Disney, Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois, leaders of Lilo & Stitch, the film will We return to Viking days to the young Harold, to be a chef instead of Stoïk's father (double with Gerard Butler and the best accent in Scotland) in a world where the fight is a national sport fight.

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Harold co-companion, at the time he was not friends. at the dragons (at the beginning of his first movie then)

Like the Dreamworks movie, Harold is different. Physically and in a state of mind that does not have a strong feeling attacking him when he finds himself in front of the wounded dragon: an oily fiasco, an unusual sex, see, get educated, & # 39; Krokmou's baptism (in describing his need of teeth) and through that he recognizes his people's rest enemies. And we do not have to wait a long time in a warrior camp, because it's very hard to do not. try this creature, one of the most foolish things that we have given us to see the world in animation. As a co-cousin of Stitch (the directors' CV is not in agreement), both in appearance and behaviors, which come out of just mascots in what to prove, over the programs , as one of the best animated sagas of History.


Everything starts on March 31st. And just a few days earlier when Dragons stopped Alice in Wonderland from the first place in the US box office, which was held for a continuous three weeks. It's not a big surprise because Dreamworks was already played. But the rumor of roars on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean: their new child would be different from those who had previously. Less activity aimed at and everything about characters and feelings, such as Pixar. A corridor that the film is not long-established for confirmation, after full energy, gags and sounds, as a means of making smooth movement to the sequence and their first story "Adult".

Who will represent a starter story and tell the story of a young man who has a Finding his place in a society where he does not recognize himself but despite that he has been named as a director. What happens in programs 2 and 3, will be released first in 2014 and 2019, and set a few years later. Because it is also this stage that the Dragons saga can make a difference, & # 39; grow up, like the Harry Potter, at the same time as his hero and his audience. So its first part is & # 39; youth production and Harold and Krokmou's first steps in the rooms, and the second one of his youth with his emergency and his problems, and the third of the last time to an adult, the one where it is essential leaving his youth and his innocent behind him.

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Unfortunately, there is a Dragons problem, or the story of badly damaged charaidas in the long run

Ceumannan is symbolized by the different evils: first a foolish dragon that represents a great deal of child; then the hunter Drago Poinsanklant and his Alpha, a mirror of the possibilities of Harold being tossing his features and his advanced spirit to take a dark path, and his mother returned. It was the fairness attack; and finally Grimmel, an attack hunter and an invasion have some disappointment like that. Only its main purpose is to & # 39; serving as in a dramatic dramatic knot, so that Harold and Krokmou can not succeed in a battle without separation, as a child who definitely needs to play off becoming an adult. A very brutal decision, but finally a linear of the development, three films at the time, a problem that did not leave it at the time of a & # 39; Ask this point, hard but crucial. It must be said that the word is "Afraid" clearly part of his word.


He is a human hero in the Dragons saga; is translated by the emotions and the questions that everyone is going to, and # 39; old woman, humorous, color, essence, magic and, therefore, an adult passage passage as an adult in the Viking times. In fact, the set is not as brutal than what we see in the same name series, broadcast on History Channel, as we are especially in a family entertainment context, which is Know how you will play a crucial role for women (Astrid and Valka in the first, much stronger than many people on the screen) and where the happy end of a rigueur. But that does not mean he can not feeling it is not acidic. Like Disney with Bambi's mother, or Simba's father, and Pixar's unhappy opening Up there, Dreamworks was not asked to make strong choices with this problem, even to shake his spectators.

There is an ambition that looks amazing nowadays as current jobs, both in animation and live soldier, are often apparent, such as the Michael Mass World who refused an important character killed throughout Level 2. Not here and especially in this scene of Dragons 2, which appears as the pivot of the series and when Krokmou, under the influence of Poinsanklant Alpha, a & # 39; Killing Stoik, Harold's father. Dislike psychosanalytical disorders for the young person, who has only received his mother and is independent of his / her; This death, after his preference was built by the original one to hunt.

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For the Harold family, a short meeting. For spectators, trauma is still alive.

As in the best stories, the saga knows how to put darkness on to improve and improve the good of its heroes. He has been a keen part of all the work since the end of the first time, following the final fight of Dantesque in which he affected the gigantic dragon who was in a position; threatening his people, Harold finds out that he is one of the legs he has lost, and includes a brooch, after being dragged to fall creature. The spectator is astonished, and a way to draw a feature film between the young man and his Krokmou turnpot, and made a piece of artificial slow to replace those who were lost in sight of defense and let me fly again.

To find out how he walked when a man tried to make his first step out of the world of his youth, his father lost when his mother found some of his forefathers behind him how a baby would have taken his toys to make the final growth: in three films, the hero would have to face physical and psychological divisions that made so great a & 39; he learned in a recognized world for his brutality, and Dean DeBlois (with that Chris Sanders) definitely recommend family for families without, for all of that, step forward when he comes to be rigorous.

It should be noted that it is the result of the broth that Harold has to do; Get rid of Grimmel in the third and last work, but then he even loses himself when he needs to divide Krokmou. A quick way to explain the problem because dragons are not present nowadays and now they are completely unrealistic mythical creatures. This is understood by the rye that completes the path that is; on main character to adult, length & # 39; s which weakens the tearing; which caused him to be separated from his cover, which has been foreheaded in True Alpha among his family (the Furie Éclair de compagne san amharc), after he has identified the spirits as a funny and wise animal.

Meet the Lightning Fury of "Dragons 3":


Introductory story, so funny and offer because we are able to surrender us to do & # 39; Give her heroes, the Dragons saga has allowed Dreamworks to rise to Pixar in terms of background. And the best of the company is not good at the lamp because, in many ways, it has made us think of Toy Story: a way of making a difference to the difference and in particular the shortcomings at Harold and Krokmou, to meet two unusual worlds or its consequences. Andy seems to have left his toys to go into an adult, and the hero who needs to be separated from his loyal companion to rule his own learning.

It is not content to reach more than most of the previous studio productions, and the problem is also a festival for the eyes, and Developing his story in a very good situation. If the topics that it handled were to be finalized and universal, it was not allowed to make transport on us: in the air with Krokmou, on the different parts that were explored and full of searches on a & # 39; globe. not in the hidden world that gives the title on the third work and the last work. Sometimes, thinking about Miyazaki in the Beurk town is in particular, but Dragons have usually been successful in a & # 39; put his visual logo, & # 39; rejecting image for cartoon aesthetics, both in humans and striking creatures that are in the face of a person. situation, different from one feature movie to another and who plays a great deal in the & # 39; poetry and a fairy tale that comes out.

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One of the many fairy tale of the "Dragons" saga

Many borrowed from Viking mythology that she was then going to & # 39; Fantasy herself, colorful, family and wild, Dragons had a saga on the original world that made us look through the corners, and especially all that she had, Dreamworks have given a plan to report, to allow them to compete with Pixar's stories and feelings. Everyone with a little less success than he was worthy of, with $ 495 and $ 621 million individually in worldwide income for their first and either. This is perhaps due to a more adult approach, which makes it more accessible to the whole family than Shrek 2. Despite this, with this amazing decision, the problem is successful largely without damage, which may be the place where it is in Fame Hall for the best animated licenses in history.

You too, learn to pull Krokmou:

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