How mosquitoes smell people

Matthew DeGennaro, neurogeneticist at Florida International University in Miami, and other workers on a gene called IR8a, have been identified without the loss of many of their unusual abilities by mosquitoes. The mosquitoes of this generation, which suffered this gene, were so attracted to people like wild mosquitoes, according to their tests of 14 people.

Thursday's researchers in Current Biology magazine published the work on Aedes aegypti's mosquitoes, which provides Zika, dengue fever or yellow fever. It has known for decades that mosquitoes are pulled to lug and lactic acid (as well as heat and carbon dioxide in humans). However, the genetic and inconsistency of the subject so far has been avoided by researchers.

"We were looking for the laptop for a lactic acid from the 1960s," said Dr DeGennaro AFP, who was responsible for the genetic treatment and CRISPR / Cas9 machine.

Stop the gruesome step in a mosquito

In theory, we can now try to prevent this square in mosquitoes, by chemical or equivalent to perfume, in order to make us more visible to insect antennae (where these are the dominant mammals). T ornamental olfactory).

But for this product he remains a challenge. "It will take years, but we have taken a step further," said Matthew DeGennaro.

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