Installing in Rabat for the new Director of the Fund "Ithmar al Mawarid"

Installing in Rabat for the new Director of Fund

Friday, February 8, 2019 at 20:20

Rabat – The Minister for Economy and Finance, Mohamed Benchaaboun, was on Friday a Friday in Rabat, Provides guidance between Tarik Senhaji and Obaid Amrane, the King's HM has appointed the Chief Executive of the company "Ithmar al Mawarid". .

Speaking about this time, Mr Benchaaboun congratulated Mr Amrane for his & her; Mr King's confidence, to be the head of a leading public company, and praising his professional qualities and success that he has achieved during his office in the Ministry as well as his a & # 39; MASEN company.

His ministry will provide the support needed to ensure that Mr Amrane has a " succeeding in his new career, Benchaaboun said, and all the successes needed by the new director in the upcoming investments.

On his part, Obaid said that he was proud of the trust he had submitted with His Majesty the King by posting him, and showing he was so aware of his at the end of "Ithmar al Mawarid".

He also praised the work done by the previous person, who emphasizing its conclusions to strengthen the achievements that have been made through working with all stakeholders.

Leadership of the Board of Directors of the company "Ithmar Al Mawarid" has now been ensured by the Minister of Economy and Finance.

On the recommendation of his First Minister and on the Minister for Economy and Finance, his Majesty King made his kindness, the Council of Ministers. Thursday in Marrakech, Mr Obaid Amrane as General Director of the Immar al Mawarid Fund Executive, named after the Moroccan Fund for Tourism.

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