Insurance: 1st market in Côta CIMA

Africa Infrared – Côte d 'Evoire's largest market in the Inter-African Insurance Market (CIMA) area, with 327 billion FCFA provision, including 45% insurance life, on December 31, 2017, Thursday in Abidjan, president of the Côte d'Ivoire (ASACI) insurance company, Bakayoko Saliou.

In all 14 CIMA countries, insurance companies based in Côte d'Ivoire registered a major change compared to some countries, particularly Cameroon with just 200 billion FCFA as a change, designated by Mr Saliou at the opening of the second edition of national insurance days.

In 2017, he said that assets were managed and invested into the national economy by insurance agents up to 755 billion CFA francs, including 564 billion CFA francs for life insurance. In 2017, insurance companies delivered nearly 168 billion CFA francs in insurance benefits.

"Our numbers are remarkable however, however, the insurance rate is really back to us. This level is now under 2%," said Bakayoko Saliou.

It was encouraging insurers to meet the challenge of doing so; Raise awareness of the need and the usefulness of insurance and also to improve their sales services, and # 39; including prompt application payments.

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