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Lupus may be related to the imbalance of religious plants

Can lupus development be caused by the imbalance of the microbiota drop? This is the beginning of a new work that NYU Medical School in New York, and is published online on Tuesday, February. Annals of reumatic diseases.

It is said that a systematic "continuous" lupus erythematosus systemic (SLE) disease, that is, can affect any part of the body. As a result of being left splitting, it is the result of a breach of the protection system: as long as they are expected to protect the corpse of the invasion of the inside and inside , lymphocyte is in people who are adversely affected by uncommon work that will affect our body's organism attack: the skin, the articles, the hook, the heart, the brain … Due to this diversity of severe problems, the disease is different for each individual. It can be cut out altogether (without any risk that damage to an essential organ), or unleashed by affecting a number of organizations, can be badly damaged if the treat disease well.

The bacteria Ruminococcus gnavus in a question

This is the first survey that's & # 39; clearly showcase the bacteria deficiencies in the disease in a & # 39; developing lupus poverty formats.

At the case: called dian bacteria Ruminococcus gnavus. By analyzing the microbiota of 61 women confirmed by SLE, the researchers found that they were at least five attendees; This moth was in the mystery flavor than in 17 women of the same age and of the same ethnicity as part of the group. control.

The findings of the survey have also shown that "breach" of the disease, which may appear as a dress, sexual intercourse, or severe kidney problems, closely increases a severe increase in blood pressure. become bacteria Ruminococcus gnavus in the likelihood, as well as being present in the blood samples of antibodies designed specifically for connecting to the & # 39; groom. Look at the participants with black relief at high levels of antibodies R. gnavus.

"Our study strongly suggests that some diabetes may cause bacterial discomforts, and there are related diseases," said Gregg Silverman, an immune and the main author of the study. "Our findings also show that bacteria filters are the result of the illness with the immune system and suggest that the inside environment may be more important than genetics In black hook this disease is often deadly, "it continues. He also says that it is suspected that antibodies are against him R. gnavus to encourage a "continual and unreasonable" defensive attack on the organs involved in breaking.

New medication for lupus

This new discovery may allow simple comparative blood tests to detect antibodies against the dian bacteria involved. These tests can also be used to judge and monitor the progress and treatment of lupus, even in the early stages of the illness. "The current exams are often uncertain and depend on signs and signs that arise only after the disease has gone on," said Dr. Silverman.

With these tests expected to be developed, a new task must be required to verify the bacteria R. gnavus participating in lupus development. If this is true, thermal changes may include only attributions, but also restrictions of proportions.

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