Magazine UP – Badly translating drugs and hawks to capture natural produce?

On 20 February, the National Medicines and Health Food Safety Agency (ANSM) warned of the dangers of dependency on pain medications in which there is no morphine or opiates. A number of drug drugs such as Tramadol are targeted, in a context where we learn that the United States has a serious problem with a precaution of these medicines. Very good, the Outer Hebrides and CNRS are announcing the development of nanomedicine anti-pain in terms of the natural transformation of their presence in the presence; body. Morphine is so effective but without the effects and especially the funny fun.

MOrphans and opioids that disappear from hospitals? Researchers from the Institut Galien Paris-Sud (CNRS) and Inserm have developed a new device that can restore these materials, which are very effective in & # 39; treating patient pain, but that is very funny. medical history. Their discovery involves changing the enkephalin, a molecular pain already in the human body. Their work is just published in the Science science magazine.

This would be more effective than the morphine. Raw tests have shown that the effects lasted twice. In addition, it is different to morphine, with great effects, such as drug and depression risk, enkephalin is safe for the body.

" In the same way as endorphins, known for high-ranking athletes, encephains can lower the threshold of pain or fight against tiredness, describing Patrick Couvreur, the main author of the research. This is why scientists have an interest in this document for a long time. Unfortunately, enkephalin's short life in the body, a few minutes order, makes it ineffective for a & # 39; handle pain effectively.

This is why French researchers from the "Innovative Design for Bad Disease Management" team led by Patrick Couvreur at the Galien Paris-Sud Institut (University of Paris-Sud / CNRS), to form an administrative form of Enkephalin, leu-enkephalin is altered, by squalene bond, molecule of geir that is present in plants (for example in olive oil), and in animals (especially in shark shark) and in humans. " In this way, we have continued to create naoparticles that affect long-term pain, and not to; Creating a speech in that regard. "The scientist says.

Unlike morphine, which works in particular on its nerve moderation, leu-enkephalin squalene nanoparticles, as a result of the size, Failure with blood barriers to protect the brain. So when the behaviors are fascinating, they are limited to working at the nervous remote system level and especially in the painful heart zone. Clearly: leu-enkephalin will be released at the right place and at the right time, without causing toxicity or effects in the & # 39; body.

This search line could continue to an interesting selection of seabirds and opioids. But it's too early to influence the long-term impact of clinical trials still being launched. The authors of the research are aware of this and also indicate the need to be able to demonstrate how feasible. The production of these nanoparticles is large scale. Again, it's a matter of time and ways. But the doctors are optimistic because the environment that opposes the opposition against opiates and morphine is such that private property needs to be found in other legitimate options.

Sources: Inserm, AFP

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