Friday , February 28 2020
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Mohcine Metouali back to Raja?

After the meeting between president Raja, Jawad Ziyat, and the senior sponsors and support groups, the lock leaders have decided to appoint a number of new players to strengthen the strength of the club during the next window. maneuver.

According to the journalist and sports leaderAl MassaeThe summer window is occupied by Jamal Astaifi, Raja, who works Mohcine Metouali, Mehdi Berrehma, Jalal Daoudi and Sanad Al Ouarfali.

It is remembered that the finalists were not tasked with the cast groups. The last one was asked for the club to finish well by getting Supercup and living in one of the first places in Botola.

Note that the new adviser Raja, Saad Charami, will now be responsible for liaising with ultrasound organizations and supporters.


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