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Moody's Credit Recording Group maintains the Morocco Sovereign Register

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According to Moody's, Morocco's (stable Ba1) credit profile represents his suffering which is presented to the side effects both internally and externally, supported by government opportunity. T on reasonable domestic capital markets, which protect it from the pressures of international markets. capital.

Maintaining the Morocco governance standard also reflects the Morocco structural re-launch of higher-value export businesses and as the hub for trade between Europe and Africa, Moody said in his published report. T he has. Wednesday this April 10th.

“The situation in Morocco in global value chains, particularly in the automotive and airfield sectors, is to be seen in an increase in sub-Saharan Africa and supported by a baseline. T a better transport structure, "explains Elisa Parisi-Capone, Vice President, Auditor General of the Moody and co-author of the report.

Morocco may be higher score but only at the relatively low level of GDP per capita, insignificant growth and relatively high debt stocks, but at a very reasonable price.

The sustainability of the profile for recent and external drugs in recent years suggests that this is not likely but that short-term reductions will result, although there is more reduction in public finances or significant funding. no accidental effects of state campaigns or the negative banking sector, deciding the Moody report.

By Wadie El Mouden

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