NASA pays you $ 19,000 to stay in bed for 2 months

If you always wanted your work to work straight in bed for a long time … your time has come.

NASA and two other space agencies ask 24 volunteers to stay in bed for two months as part of a search. Payment? About $ 19,000.

“We are looking for probationers to undertake a bedside examination in Cologne, Germany between September and December 2019 and to remain there for 60 days," according to report from NASA's German Air Corps. and the European Space Agency.

The purpose of the examination is to "find out how the body changes weight. The rest of the bed will symbolize this state, "said the statement. Based on the results of this survey, scientists will develop techniques to help minimize the negative effects on astronauts.

During the two months, volunteers live in one room, but are divided into groups. One group will be surrounded by a central instrument, similar to a graphic graphics room, which will bring in blood to return to the majority, reporting ABC News.

No other group will be moved.

Janja, a partner in the survey, said "Getting involved in the survey was a fantastic and rewarding experience to me… after a few days, my body used a lot of rest in bed. T I was never bothered by the many inspiring experiences I faced, the time was passing through.

And when they say that they lay them down, they won't laugh: people need to eat, exercise, wear and even a shower on the bed. Another problem is that partner beds have been reduced slightly to encourage plants to settle in the highest body, NBC News said.

On a planetary basis, NASA needs more brains for human mission, with Florida University professor Jeffrey Johnson speaking at a conference on “Build a successful team for Mars”.

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