Neymar called for two days after his new wound

The striker of Paris SG Neymar starred in an interview on the Brazilian TV Globo channel that "was calling for two days" after injuring his right leg at the end of January.
Brazil, who is 27 years ago, said the recycling was harder to stay with her; First injured from the fifth metatarsal that invaded him last year.
"It was harder, the first time I was injured, I thought," I'll go. going to take it, you need to settle it as soon as possible. "I was not sorry," said Ney. , in a section published on Tuesday of the long-term interview in Paris and with TV Globo broadcast on March 3.
"This time, I had more trouble getting digged, I spent two days at home crying," he said.
For this new injury, PSG medical staff were welcomed by "foreign medicine" rather than work.
Neymar should be able to resume his competition within ten weeks, which allowed him to be available for the European League in the final Fourth.
PSG won its first round of the first leg of the Welsh League against Manchester United 2-0 away.
Last year, Neymar stayed three months without playing after his surgery, and # 39; Just return in time to play the 2018 World Cup.
While he was in high shape, he did not; It can block the crew from falling in the & # 39; Fourth opponent of the Belgian (2-0), and was deceived throughout the world for his symbols.

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