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Osama Idrissi officially played with Morocco

Football: Osama Idrissi received a certificate for playing with Morocco

March 19, 2019 to12:35

Amended 19 March 2019 to 12:35

International Osama Idrissi has been entitled to play with Atlas Lions, publishing the FRMF recital.

The Moroccan Royal Football Federation received the FIFA letter on Monday 18 March, confirming that the international Moramacan Osama Idrissi had been commissioned under the colors of the Moroccan national team in the next tranches of Llas. Atlas. .

A member of the Dutch Alz Alzmaar Osama Idrissi club is part of the Atlas Lions group which is currently preparing for the game against Malawi, March 22, 2019 in Lilongwe, on behalf of the sixth and the day. T The finalists at CAN 2019.

He will also be attending his friendly match against Argentina's election on 26 March in Tangiers.

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