Pope Francis Morocco left after a well-attended international visit

Pope Francis Morocco left on Sunday after a two-day official visit by King Mohammed VI.

"More than 300 journalists and special couriers, from 30 countries to cover this event, have been awarded," said the ministry on Sunday, saying it was international press, television and television. popular radio stations, as well as high-profile newspapers and magazines.

The strong presence of the international media has given out a compelling image of Morocco as a country of debate, tolerance and homogeneity between the religions and cultures, the sector said, with that “broad coverage by the media,” t coming from a range of continents, having informed the international view of peoples different aspects of the UK's cultural and civil resource ”.

According to the same facility, Pope Francis's visit is overseen by the public media, who put their press and technical teams together to deal with the various aspects of the Catholic Church's leader's mission as well as the papers. T and the site. t local information.

To aid the work of different commissioned media, a press center was established and equipped with all technical equipment and communication methods to allow national and foreign media producers to perform the best of their works. the ministry. .

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