PSA already reaches 8 billion bits of search in Morocco

by & # 39; Rachid Al Arbi 02/02/2019 at 23h58


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Kiosque360. A PSA plant in Morocco broke a record even before it started. A French furniture shop was sold in components of the 8 billion kingdom.

Even before Kenitra's planning is set up, PSA is already on track. In the edition of the day, Is an Economist says that French makers have just doubled sales in Morocco "in 3 years to give the world's global sum to 700 million euros, equal to 8 billion said, in 2018 The paper interprets this performance by "the attempt made in the provision through the PSA ecosystem that was implemented in Morocco", which is "as -thà a & # 39; distributing factories factories based in the region and in Europe ".

The day states that this system, mostly based in the Kenitra area, is made up of 63 provider sites, and # 39; including 27 Green Range. And this is even before the start of Kenitra's plant, which was scheduled for April 2019. In addition, everything would be for meeting time and time.

Is an Economist so arguing that their first vehicles are in the starting blocks. They collect the assembly lines with a local equivalent rate of at least 60%. This level has grown. according to Is an Economist"Local supply is expected to rise to a billion euro by 2021". It should double up to 2 billion euros for the period 2023-2025. "The buyer's purchase policy support in the department, which benefits from the attack product that was set up with the four messages of the organization (Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel)" a & # 39; Supporting parts provision from Morocco's site. everyday life.

The special feature of the Kenitra project is that it is a "finalized end-of-site site that covers the entire bottle chain with flexibility." The best proof of this is that "the first engine made in Kenitra has been collected more than 10 months ago and has passed over and overcoming the European tests ".

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