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Real estate confederation and Jood are joined together to home and train as homeless

On this Thursday, 11 April in Casablanca, Jood, the umbrella association of homeless people, endorsed a national estate developers' partnership. The purpose is to build a center for the training and training of 100 homeless people each year.

Building the center for the homeless was the recommendation by the National Federation of Property Developers (FNPI) in Jood, a society that was actively involved in promoting homelessness. This purpose, between the two partners, was signed on Thursday, 11 April, 2019 in Casablanca, when the first edition of the luxury luxury fair took place.

Before creating this proposal, " the society decided to build a society to house the homeless, in 2021 Hind Laidi, leader of the Casablanca group, elected by the FNPI. Every six months, this center, built by the FNPI, will attract 50 people, 100 per year, as part of citizen activity.

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This long-awaited center relies on the treatment of field partnerships. " We're looking for land, within 30 km of Casablanca Said the president, And put that to him estate developers' partnerships have really promised to help both local and central authorities remove the land t "Remember that Casablanca-Settat is at the top of the list for homeless, 23% – 24.4% of them are women – according to the latest figures from the HCP.

Within the center, Jood is also responsible for training stakeholders in construction trades: plumbing, joinery, electrical, air conditioning, etc. Jood is also committed to caring for the homeless, in this center on psychological status, to help them integrate with her society.

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