Slide. Aziz Akhannouch in Australia to promote two-dimensional co-operation

by & # 39; Mohamed Chakir Alaoui 05/02/2019 at 11h20

Along with a large group, including businesswomen, the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries has made a work trip to Australia from Australia, focus on strengthening two-dimensional co-operation in the agricultural fields. agriculture and fishing.

The production that accompanies Aziz Akhannouch is a including Secretary of State for Sea Fishing, Mbarka Bouaida, and Heads of Agricultural Chambers, Fishing and Trade of the various regions of the country.

In Melbourne, a meeting with Jaclyn Symes, Minister of Agriculture and Regional Development of the State of Victoria, allowed the officers to recite their interest in developing the Maroko-Australia collaboration in agriculture.

Australia, which they are, is a leading investor in this area in Morocco.

The Moroccan group also visited a sales market, dedicated to fishing facilities, the "Seafood Food" Center, a private unit, managed by a board of directors, which has an important role to play in. protecting local fishermen and keeping sustained fishing.

Le Mohamed Chakir Alaoui

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