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"Strangely, I have no expectation": Federer, silent pad on the ground – Masters Miami 2019 – Tennis

Your grandfather greets you. At 37 years and seven months, Roger Federer still goes back a little. More or less. With some kind of feeling, he returned to members of NextGen (Medvedev in the eighth, Shapovalov in the half), and old people serving a bazooka but suddenly without harm (Anderson in the fourth, Isner at last). . So he completed the purse with 101, the 28th Masters 1000. He has just completed the series for the lowest number of entries in Dubai and his final at Indian Wells. At an early age, he gets a moving story.

One time when you can complain that it is avoiding the really big gifts, some people. Nadal's packet before the semi-final circulation in California and Djokovic did bad attempts to make it easier for him. This is true, but its recording is not so amazing. "It's a good start to the year, he was fond of Sunday.

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The beginning of the finals was fantastic

It takes the time for us and, for a while, it is going to surprise us too. 'It's a great surprise that I won here, because last year I missed Indians in the final, as I was this year, I lost my first trip,' The first time I almost lost it (against Radu Albot, ed), but I found it anyway or another way.

Taking the title, John Isner did not press on Sunday. The first series, wrapped in three pieces, is set at 23 minutes, setting the tons. Federer could not hope for a better start. "The beginning of my journey was beautiful, I started off at this first set, it was perfect, t heavy on the Liquids. I nearly made mistakes, I thought well, I protected well, I read John's service and was able to put pressure on me. This is the beginning of an interesting game for its final"It is difficult to let me know if you can't.

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In Australia, I played well anyway

The result could be more complex but the damage to Isner's leg is one, while the debates started to balance, this limit has been damaged. "No doubt,, he admits, I received a message that it was no longer 100% turned. It didn't move and I think it was very frightening to hurt himself even more. But he did not let him go, I was responsible for making the difference and I knew how to do it"It's not going to wake up his happiness anyway." "To describe it, it's a great competition for me, it's beautiful, and ahead of the first win of a new Miami Open, it's also a bit cool."".

Between his game level is higher than the right, and his body at the top, as shown by his ability to connect the Indian Indians and Miami, he is just relieved. Taking the cake, he even gets the best students on this first quarter despite enumeration, because he then does the war, just in front of Novak Djokovic. A small trick, when you know the importance of Australia's opening at this stage of the season. Now at Melbourne, while Nole went out, he took his feet in a Greek carpet as early as the eighth. But the Federer was not so different from February 2014, it says: " tin Australia I played anyway, however. "

The rest, then worked on the ground

The order will not be published for four years. After being absent from clay courts from 2015, Federer has decided to set off once more in the spring. He published it on an evening to kill him in Melbourne, and he did not change his mind. "I'm looking forward to this challenge, because I have chosen it with my team, and if I didn't feel like that, I wouldn't go. The plan always plays in Madrid and Paris, but I get back first because I feel my body needs rest."he slid, because, if you remember, it is not the age, that he may still see him."

But he does not live away all the long wind. He knows if he wants to put one foot in front of the other on the ground. "I come back quickly on the ground, although I won't be very strong at first, it's just a sign of my indicators. TFederer says, "The earth will be for pleasure, nothing, without obligation of results, for no point.", He decidedI don't think of land. We must recreate all the confidence on the earth. We'll see".

Roger Federer, 101 title

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