It is badly damaged, very unfortunate, badly ill, badly damaged … in a short time he is the author of comic books to go to # 39; Give the Lagagne editions to show his work to the director, just under the jewel: a row of "big boots" where we find the best Mo / CDM characters in gags with four boxes, just for celebrating its 20-year Glacial Fluide role.
Gags from "Forbidden Zone", "Geek War", "Planet of the Rich" or "Cosmik Roger" – and for most published monthly Psikopat – so find themselves pell-mell in "The best record of every time". It is usually a funny and funny reason, Mo / CDM does not include its characters by doing it; Encouraging mainstream contemporary social themes (ecology, capitalism, nuclear, immigrants, global wear …). So, certainly, and probably not "the best record of every time" but it would be difficult to submit this little gift we are going to; made for his 20th anniversary.

Photographs and scripts: My / CDM – Publisher: Glacial Glacial – Price: 10.95 euros.

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