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The effects of loneliness following a stroke

In Belgium, a third cause of death is from cardiovascular and cancer disease. When it is not fatal, a stroke can leave physical features, including apiaia. What exactly is it? The word “aphasia” means “loss of speech”. Aphasia is a language misconception that results from a serious morbidity affecting a language. Loss of language is not absolutely necessary and may vary significantly from person to person. Such individuals can be involved in their language skills such as language, writing, understanding or reading. And you should be aware that apostia can affect everyone, whatever their age, environment, race, gender. From one day to the next, this "brain tragedy" can suddenly happen. In Belgium there are about 50,000 aphasics.

Language is the most important form of communication. It includes a relationship with relatives and will have a key role. When we have an apasia, that is all the family, social and professional life that causes it enormously.

Monthly meeting

The center (La Louvière) department set up a support group for people with a mental disorder following a brain injury. It's called Dare to Live. “It's going back to 1999. Two people with a stroke who both had the apasia were looking for information about the subject because they only got a little. They met, discussed and made contact with someone they knew at Solidaris. That was how the group was born, "explains Géraldine Dujardin, a socio-linguist easy figure by Femmes Prévoyantes Socialistes (Réseau Solidaris).

The group meets once a month, at La Louvière, and is run by Foresters Women of the Center and Soignies. It is also part of the FBAF, the French Federation of Wales. T It consists of people who have had a stroke and has become very bored. They are accompanied by their supporter (family and / or friends) but some professionals (particularly speech therapists) have regular contact with the organization.

The break up of loneliness

“The organization is helping to break up, share the problems, meet other struggling victims, find and give support, share information and report back. to undertake the activities that the activities would be organized by the diverse group: exchanging medical information, organizing conferences – debates, support of new drugs and encouraging, information activities (in t The schools, for example, stand in health festivals, cultural and entertainment feastings …, would put Géraldine Dujardin in. Sufficient to break the loneliness and believe yourself that you are not alone with the stroke. you …

How do you recognize a stroke?

If you think you're going to have a stroke, ask them to make a smile, build their arms, and give a name and day. Here are some of the suggestions that should help you find out if you are dealing with someone with a stroke:

If you see one or more of these features,

go to hospital or contact 112 in all parts of Belgium and Europe.

There are 2 types of stroke. A hemorrhagic stroke, first, represents 20% of a stroke and is reflected in blood vessels' depletion. An ischemic stroke makes up for 80% of cases. This, for example, thrombosis and the prevention of dirty artery with an asthma (investment) that inhibits the irrigation of the organ and causes brain disease.

There are complex reasons. These include atrial fibrlation (heart arrhythmia) which may be creating a cattle (which accounts for about 4,000 cases a year in 20,000 strokes a year).

To try to avoid a stroke as much as possible, you can give one advice without eating too much fat (which is a risk of obesity), partly drinking alcohol, monitoring cholesterol. T not now, nor is you smoking, monitoring your blood pressure (this is a risk threat), using sports activity (a 20 minute journey each day), avoiding weight, avoiding smoking t 'finding meat (a painless test for the doctor), recognizing diabetes, sleep apnea, hormonal suppression but also family history. –

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