The Pharmaceutical Group will provide dangerous drug warnings

This caution comes several months after large steps taken for the same reasons for its & # 39; first drugs, Androcur (Bayer laboratory) and its species (active species: cyproterone acetate).

Luteran and Lutenyl

Lutteyl (nomegestrol acetate) is a luteine ​​(clormadinone acetate) and a fluteyl (nomegestrol acetate); relate to this new warning, as well as their genre. Meningiomas have been associated with their use. These drugs, are sold by nine laboratories, hormone derivatives, progesterone.

But, and uncomfortable to Androcur, these illnesses were mentionedThe conclusions at this stage show that women who use those drugs in meningioma have a higher risk than they do; seen in the general public", Add ANSM in an information point available online.

Research is ongoing

To find out if these two progestogens are associated with the risk of meningioma development, an epidemiological study will be carried out in the coming months by experts from Epi-Phare, a public knowledge structure; bringing together a Drugs and Health Insurance Group. At the same time, a craft inspection study is progressing to better identify this risk, according to ANSM.

Looking at the results, the health group wrote tonew ideasHealth professionals (endocrinologists, gynecologists, generalists, curators, neurologists, neurosurgeons) The use of these main ingredients – clormadone acetate or nomegestrol acetate – "is convicted of its existence or the history of the generation", She says. If meningioma is not diagnosed, cure with these active habitats must be "immediately and definitively stopped", and what is to be taken by arthritis needs to be considered.

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