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Francis Pope, on an official visit to the Kingdom of Morocco invited by King Mohammed VI, who was held on Sunday in St Peter's Cathedral on Rabat, a meeting with priests, religious and holy figures and the Council of World Churches.

At the start of the meeting, the Pope warmly welcomed Jean-Pierre Schumacher (94), the last survivor of the community from the monks of Tibhirine (Algeria), who currently live in Moine's Abbey. Atlas, Midelt. The picture is remembered in this memory.

Following the tributes of Father Germain Goussa and Sister Mary Donlon, the Pope gave a speech where he praised the climate in which Christians use their religion in Morocco, a climate that adds up. to develop their dialogue, collaboration and communication. Christian and Muslim relationships, calls for all efforts to be made to use differences and ignorance to spread fear and hate.

This conversation takes place in the name of the brother-in-law of the person who is damaged and torn apart by a great deal of evil, which affected the head of the Catholic Church, which emphasized the importance of communicating with the Catholic Church. working between Christians and Muslims to fight violence, hatred of emotion and ethnic, religious and economic power.

The Pope Francis invited priests and faith in Morocco to continue with a way of communication and co-operation, saying this was the best opportunity to continue working for culture. the meeting.

After that, the Pope took the symbol to the Bishop's priests and loyalty, before destroying a private monster.

Muslims and Christians from many Arab, African and European countries took part in this meeting, which is intended to bring together a combination of cultures and the interface between the religions which mark for the centuries of the United Kingdom. T a unique model due to the initiatives launched under the clear leadership provided by the headmaster of HM King Mohammed VI, Amir Al Mouminine, who has made Morocco a country with openness, diversity and diversity diversity t included within a national unity framework.

In a statement to the media, the Archbishop of Tangier, Bishop Santiago Agrelo Martinez, confirmed that Muslims and Christians are brothers in Morocco who work for a world of justice and peace ruling.

Similar statements are that several Christian clergy have confirmed that the presence of Pope Francis in St Peter's Cathedral on a Rabat is of great importance, symbolizing the intricate meaning and strong messages sent by the Pontiff Land to the world. A lecture was given on this occasion.

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