The rapper Nipsey Hussle shot dead in Los Angeles.

The rapper named in February was said to be killed in the Grammy Prizes in a hunting raid on two others.

America's rapper named Nipsey Hussle was killed dead on Sunday, 31 March in Los Angeles, by NBC News cited police sources as he said it was.

A spokesperson from Los Angeles Police said the Agence France-Presse had found that one man had died and that two others had been wounded on Sunday afternoon, but they didn't reveal the same name. the person who died. t The man fled, the speaker said.

"Powerful enemies are blessings," that he sent out a few hours before he died, a rapper, from a neighbor of Los Angeles commemorated by an armed war. T

Born in the underground hip hop scene, Nipsey Hussle, a 33 year-old, had started selling her own favorite mixes called Crenshaw. released in 2013. Her first studio record, Victory Lap, last February won a Grammy prize for the best rap album. The last prize was awarded to the rapper Cardi B. t

Success in 2016

With another rapper, YG, he made the sparkle in April 2016 by letting the FDT song (for "Donald Trump"), in the middle of the election campaign for the US president's election.

"It doesn't make sense! My mind is overwhelmed! My God, let his soul rest in peace and give him holy comfort to what he loves!" "too fast," wrote the rapper Snoop Dogg on Instagram. I'm so sorry, I'm going to think back to the good times we were together. "

His rapper was about to play Lloyd's Park in London on 31 May at The Ends festival, which brings together rap, hip-hop and reggae artists.

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