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The Smecta does not recommend for children under 2 years

The risk of passing blood can not be increased by volume cuttings in the & # 39; drugs for the youngest patient, according to their National Drug Safety Agency.

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A leaflet for Smecta and other medicines for treatment diarrhea has changed. According to new recommendations to the National Health and Medical Rehabilitation (ANSM) Safety Agency, it is now encouraged to use it under the age of two years.

In a question, there may be a potential risk for young patients. This pre-care is needed even though the drugs that are being looked after, are available without or without an order in a pharmacist, have been given over a short period, ANSM said, Thursday, February 28.

However, his / her organization said that it was a simple and precise degree. there "Issues of lead poisoning in an adult patient or children treated by Smecta and Dia Genetite Mylan are not familiar with. Smecta is not generally recommended in the use of pregnant women or # 39; bait on frost. "

New suggestions for heavy metal installations

ANSM reminded his memory that when there is severe disease in children and children under the age of two years, regulation is based on his / her; Most of the diet and that there is a cure There is a reference in the Oral Rehydration (ORS) administration. ORS produces powder for pouring into a bottle of water, available without order in a pharmacy.

These new constraints on the use of Smecta and its general, have continued recent international recommendations on appropriate regional levels of heavy metals in drugs. In this context, ANSM asked to investigate the Ipsen laboratories that make Smecta. The results of this research revealed that Smecta is not at risk of treating blood in adults, for five weeks, although this risk can not be rejected in children under two years. year.

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